How to Geoblock video content?


I have a client who has asked me if I can Geoblock a video she wants to post on her website (she’s not allowed to show the video in the United States at this time). I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any information on how this might be achieved. Does anyone know how to accomplish this or know of a resource I could consult?

I’m grateful for any advice.

Thank you.

You’d have to find a workaround for IE8 and below, but the W3C geolocation api would be a good place to start: can also provide a ready made htaccess file it’s probably a little out of date now but should stop most visitors from the USA (can be tweaked to block just one page or many)

I’d get a video platform that does it for you – most of them have that feature these days.

Thanks everyone. I found a solution similar to what Sogo7 suggested at this website:

I can query their web service IP database using PHP and determine whether to show the video or not.

I’ll be making a WordPress website and I’m thinking of using JWPlayer for this and they don’t have any GEO look-up options. wwb_99, off-hand, do you know of any good video platforms that I should look at?

Thanks again!

How much do you want to spend?

Personally I’m partial to ooyala. Brightcove is also good. Both of those start in the $500/mo range and go up from there. I’ve heard good things about vzaar but it doesn’t seem they offer geographic restrictions.

Thanks for the information wwb_99. This company’s video requirements aren’t going to be worth $6000 a year to them so i’ll likely proceed with the do it yourself method.