How to Generate Quality Leads?

Hello All,
I am Working on lead generation for Educational firms so give me the different and simple way to generate hot leads of student ??

Your question is really much too vague to attract any useful replies.

“Lead generation” for what? To encourage students to sign up for a newsletter? To get them to buy books? To enroll in an online course?

Please explain (a) exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and (b) which techniques you have already tried, and with what success.

I also agree it’s a pretty vague question but there are companies that specialize in construction email address lists and you can buy from them so maybe they have lists of .edu email addresses.

Sending unsolicitied emails is Spam, and in some countries it’s an offence to do so, so I’d think very carefully before deciding to try that technique.

I would say to look at social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Using specific search terms can create a list of potential candidates for your “lead generation”. A simple search such as: “I want to go back to school” will search through posts to find anyone who mentioned that exact phrase.

Our Company was providing training and placement program for that we want those student information which is interested in this program.

it’s a pretty vague question, but there is multiple option to generate leads like google ads, facebook ads, youtube ads, email marketing, facebook lead geneation program, twitter ads, etc.

To all posters: the OP has explained her target audience and aims, so please ensure all replies are specific to that scenario. Vague or general replies will be removed as fluff.

Hi Neelam,

Actully your question is not properly clear mean which type of leads you want to generate.either you want online leads or offline leads

If you you want online leads generation, work on page and offpage of the website
Social media is also very importat part, run facebook & google ads, and post only geneuine infornation of your insitute.Press relaese is also good option.

And If you want offline leads so you can contact to coaching institutes and distribution of flyer is also use ful

Your answer is not very clear, either.

Work in what way? What do you mean by this? Which tasks are you suggesting @neelam should carry out?

How would she do this to ensure she is reaching her target audience?

… but only if your have actual news to announce.

To all posters: plese do not simply list tasks with no information on how to carry them out. Remember, if folk already knew how to do these things, they wouldn’t be posting here asking for help.

Hello All,

We have done with all the things which you have mention above but i am expecting some other resources to generate leads for business growth of our organization …

mostly we have to prefer students leads…

Thank you,.

Do facebook marketing. It is best for local lead generation my experience. Must target hot cities and areas of your country for best.