How to gain trust from visitors to download my application?


I’m running a service that will require users to download an exe file. However, I don’t know how to make the download seem trustworthy especially to my potential trial users.

I know McCafee has a hacker-free logo. Is there similar service/logo I can use to prove that my files don’t contain virus?

Why would we believe you? McAfee (not McCafee) is a trusted name in anti-virus ware (even if it isn’t everyone’s favorite). If you can certify, honestly, that your .exe file has been scanned by McAfee or Norton or Kaspersky or whoever and found to be virus-free, that would help. Nothing personal in this at all, but I wouldn’t trust you to tell me that your file is virus-free. I don’t know you. I do know McAfee and such. Your best bet is to contact an anti-virus provider and talk to them about getting their certification.

Yes I completely agree with you. That’s why I want to know if there are certification service out there…

There are a lot of things that can just destroy trust in a website – many of them are simple; broken layouts, layouts that just look slapped together any old way, accessibility issues, and of course, adverts.

NOTHING screams fly-by-night out to make a quick buck on anything BUT the product than having adverts for other products on a page.

In terms of gaining trust for downloads – I have one BIG piece of advice:

MIRRORS… free, legitimate mirrors… Who in particular: There are TWO big players that if you get your file up on their sites, you automatically gain a degree of trust.

CNet and SourceForge. The former is a pain in the ass to actually get to the download (click-through hell), but you rarely get pwned with trojans or viruses from a file… The latter is better if you have an open source project, but people have been known to put just binaries up on there.

There are others that get some trust too depending on what the application is – MajorGeeks for example. Though that depends on what the product is.

I would at the very least suggest getting the application up on, and linking to that as the primary mirror with the local download as a second option. If nothing else it lets you leverage their servers for free instead of taxing your own.