How to fix permalink issue

My older links were without category in path ,but after long time i discovered my site many links are broken bcoz now site uses category in path which i made in error

this works fine
& this leads

broken Error 404 Not Found

Can you plz fix as i dont want to change permalink which is 2 years older & loose seo

So, to clarify, your really old links are just postname and not category in the URL, because that’s the way you wanted it.

Sometime you got category added in by mistake, and now have quite a few newer posts that have the category path?

Where are all of these links? It seems like the answer is just add categories to the old link’s URLs. How many are there, and where are the links? Or are they off-site links? If there aren’t too many, you could alternatively add redirects in your .htaccess or just get a plugin that allows you to do it (to redirect the specific old links to the proper address, with category in it).

@jeffreylees tnx for the reply

You really raised serious question as im not sure how to answer you bcoz when i made mistake of permalink is really unknown to me

I’ve total Not found 2,028 url till today PLZ CHECK ATTACHED Not found 2,028 url

so in my case what will you suggest

till now i’ve made 20+ redirection which made me to write this topics

so if you have answer for both choices i.e with or without category tell me fix but without plugin ,but i really want to avoid manual way of redirectionshare-ask-com_20161121T131738Z_CrawlErrors.csv (117.6 KB)

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