How to find out related forum, blog, directory with the targeted country?

I an new learner of SEO. For performing seo task perfectly, I need find out some keyword related forum, blog, directory site. Is there any expert who can help me by suggesting me the code for finding out related forum, blog, directory with the targeted country?

How about using like this on Google:

“your_keyword_here forums”
“your_keyword_here blogs”
“your_keyword_here web sites”


If you are looking for country targeted sites your should gear your search like this: “keyword” forum “keyword” wordpress

The “inurl” code only works with Google, do not try to use this with Yahoo or MSN. Here is a list of more advanced search operators:

If you notice a “footprint” or a common piece of content or code that many of your target sites share, you should list this in with your keywords. For instance, many Wordpress Blogs have “powered by Wordpress” at the bottom of the page. Searching for this in combination with your keywords will return a lot of results.

you can put search like your keyword is xyz
put search like or xyz+forum or xyz forum

Use tips radhika_m as these:

Use google blog search engine:
Use google advance search to specify country

For Blog Search :
site:.(domain) inurl:blog “post a comment” “keyword”

For Forums :
site:.(domain) “Log in / create account” “keyword”

For Directory:
site:.(domain) “Add URL”