How to find out Duplicate URL's?

Hello experts,

I am working on a classified site where pages are created dynamically. So, there are plenty of duplicate URL’s are created on my website and I knew it is not good for SEO terms.

So, I need to know the ways to find out duplicate URL’s on my website. Right now I am finding these duplicate URL’s through webmaster tool. Is there any other easy way to find out all the duplicate URL’s?

Please provide your valuable suggestions on this!

Search in Google: site:your website url, the result shows you the list of URL and then on the last page of the result (Assume you have 99, then go to 10th page), in the end you see something like, search again with the “Omitted results” click it now you can check for the URL, if you have duplicate URL or not.

Or you can use your Google Webmaster Tool to get the details, and in this you can get the Duplicate URL’s if any is there.

There is no such “omitted results” appear when I query in Google like “site:your website url” . Any other suggestion’s do you have? If so, please do let me know!

Log into your Google webmaster account and click on the Search Appearance…There you will get HTML improvement, click on that. There you will get the pages that have duplicate meta descriptions, title etc…click on them, you will get the links that are duplicate…after that delete those ads from your classified site…

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