How to find out a font on a webpage

I really like the fonts that are used on this webpage. I have looked through the css and but I am unable to work out which font that they use.

Is there a firefox add on or a way to easy see what font is used on a webpage???Or an easy way to work out what font they are using???


Firebug -> Inspect Element

So what you see is most likely Trebuchet.

Firebug add-on
Get Firebug

Thanks for referring Firebugs. Its a great tools

Cheers Varelse that is just what I was after

Web Developer Toolbar → Information → Display Element Information
(or Ctrl+Shift+F – but of course you need it installed first)

And then it’s just in the line that says Font family:

Gotta love the 'toolbar :wink:

WOW I didnt know WebDevToolbar had that! I’ve been using an XRay JS (which is nice btw), but that is already build in sweet :slight_smile:

It’s a pity that there isn’t a method that can tell what the font is, when it’s embeded in an image… or is there?

Now that would be useful!

There is :agree: