How to find .edu domain for commenting?

Hello All

I want to start commenting on .edu domains for my site. Is there any good way to find out any niche .edu domain?

Yep, I think that this is something related with spamming. If you really want to give your true opinion then possibly you can stop spamming and post some genuine comments.

Dayum, slap my wrists, you’re absolutely right and in fact you’re saying exactly what I was saying to start with. I got turned around somewhere.

So, generally speaking, it can be assumed that as long as it hasn’t been turned into a spam fest, most .edus will be high authority sites by their nature and links from them are worth getting. But, just to restate, .edu sites do not have a boost purely by virtue of being a .edu TLD.

I know - once you get into an argument it’s easy to get your words mixed up and use the wrong terminology when you’re trying to get a point across!

If you would obtain a homepage link on a .edu, that would be great indeed. But not because it is a .edu… :slight_smile:

try this search query:

works for me all the time.
goodluck :wink:

Actually, I didn’t properly consider the implications of what you posted. you’re absolutely right that if .edu is being ‘polluted’ then it will lose it’s authority. I’m sure Google have thought about that though.

Really? SO who added all the viagra links to the .edu sites I linked above?

Can any say “spam”?

If you want to comment on people’s blogs, find blogs that are relevant to you and to your site, and where you have something useful to add to the discussion. It doesn’t matter whether they are on .edu sites or any other (Google explicitly does not favour .edu sites).

If you’re going looking for blogs that meet certain arbitrary criteria, but you don’t give a damn what they are about, that shouts SPAM louder than Monty Python … so don’t expect us to help you with your dirty work.

You’re not helping!

.edu does not have any authority. The authority a website has comes from being a good website. The fact that one or two websites that happen to have .edu domains have been allowed to become spam-farms (whether through open commenting or hacking) does not have any implications for .edu, because Google doesn’t consider .edu as an entity. If one website gets polluted then that website gets polluted - but it has no effect at all on other unrelated websites that happen to use the same TLD.

naughty SEO spammers/hackers did :slight_smile:

Try this one:

viagra site:edu

Why would you bother targeting .edu for? The above search shows you the spammers are at it, so Google arne’t going to give any special value to a .edu.

Use Google advanced search and give .edu in Search within a site or domain tab.

How about focus on producing content that will naturally draw people to your website rather than trying to spam other peoples sites (which will probably get you banned and your comments deleted). Though luckily for you, I doubt there’s a large number of EDU domains that would allow people to drop random comments into the website (un-moderated) as their educational institutions and therefore will have pretty strict policies on what appears within their sites. :slight_smile:

We need to qualify these ‘Google explicitly does not favour .edu sites’ type comments because they’re not strictly accurate. On the one hand, no, Google doens’t give a boost to links from a site just because they have a .edu TLD. On the other hand, .edu sites tend to be human edited and full of useful content with great incoming links themselves and for that reason tend to be authoratitive sites, which is kind of a boost :stuck_out_tongue:

In other words you want to spam .edu sites with your link drops?