How to find dofollow forums

how to find dofollow forums

They’re over with the unicorns on aisle 9 3/4.

If you’re looking for dofollow forums for the purposes of spamming your links, I would suggest abandoning your effort at the thought stage. Nothing but wasted effort that way lies.

I’d say google yourself a list if you really feel the need to, but all those lists have been copy/pasted since the 90s and noone’s bothered to update them. I guarantee Sitepoint’s on most of them still, despite the foums having been nofollow for… decades now, it feels like…


Add to that the fact that we do not permit Spam here, and therefore do not encourage Spamming of other sites - meaning we do not want such lists published or linked to here - and I think everything has been said which needs to be said.

Thread closed.

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