How to find contributors for weblog?


I am looking for contributors for my website but how to find them.

I want contributors who have a knowledge in web design and web development.

Please reply me here or <snip>link deleted</snip>



How many people would you want?

Hi kclark,

The easiest way to do this is to become a respected voice in the web community.

People have to work hard to create a good reputation in this online world and are very wary about who and what type of alignment they will make in the industry. Think of how even posts on these forums can colour people’s views of one another. For this reason, I am not sure that you will get anyone that simply offers.

Even if your not a developer you have to work to build a network of people. Once this network trusts you then you can slowly introduce the idea of eliciting their help for your blog.

The only other way to do this faster without building trust is to pay people to blog on your site. IMHO this is the wrong way though, because people that do it just for money but are not worried about how their online persona is represented will not be some of the more respected minds in the field.


What is MHO?

Thanks for advice.

Have a look here. I find this site invaluable. :slight_smile:

Have you tried guestblogging? i have made quite a lot of connection through this platform