How to find a good website evaluator

I have designed a few sites from scratch (Photoshop + HTML/CSS etc). The problem is that I don’t know how good they are. How do I find someone who will look at them and tell me what I did wrong?


Don’t you want to know what you did right? :slight_smile:

Post links and the scent of code will almost certainly attract diagnosticians.

We have a Website Reviews board right here.
There are some basic requirements before your site can be reviewed, you need to look and give feedback on 3 other sites in the forum before yours is authorised for viewing.


I wonder if I approach a designer at a reputable design company locally they would review my sites for a fee. I have never heard of mentoring for freelance designers but in-house designers must get criticism from their colleagues in the company that the freelancer does not.

Maybe a new business idea for someone. :slight_smile:

If you approach someone from a local company and ask them if you did it right, how do you know if they know what they are talking about??? After all, you’ve just admitted that you can’t tell yourself.