HOW to find a good Hosting company?

OK, so if a guy was going to change hosting companies…how in the heck do you know which one is “good” taking care of all the background technical stuff?

I’ve done just a little reading up on hosting and there’s quite alot to keep up with if things are being done right.

Any suggestions on how to find a hosting company that has their technical act together?

I generally prefer medium sized companies that offer VPS, even if that is not what you are getting. On larger hosts generally they are all about volume and you never work directly with level 3 support. Generally “fully managed” means a high level of support and VPS and dedicated plans will give you this. That’s my two cents.

A good web hosting company is known by it’s experience in the industry and their customer support. Go through some reviews of hosting providers which can give a clear idea.

If you get VPS, are you responsible for everything like you would be if you rented an entire physical server?

What are the benefits of getting VPS?

The benefits of a VPS is having all the control, but at a lower price point than a dedicated server. The cons of a VPS is resource amounts are normally on the low side, especially with entry level plans. Also, with all the control, comes with more risks of breaking something. VPS providers normally can only guarantee uptime on network and hardware. If you break something in a VPS, most companies can not guarantee uptime if it wasn’t something that they caused, even with managed solutions. Most people usually don’t have a problem with this, but if you are in doubt of your technical knowledge, it is something to definitely consider.

I wouldn’t discredit shared hosting companies, as I’ve worked for a few that have superb staffing. With that said, I’ve seen a number of VPS/Dedicated server operations where support isn’t sufficient. I wouldn’t make judgement on a company’s technical expertise based on their product offering.

To really figure out a company’s expertise, communicate with them. Ask questions that you feel are important to you and see what their responses are. If you feel their responses and knowledge is sufficient, then you pretty much found your provider.

Good luck on everything!

Not interested in this.

Therein lies the problem…they’re all going to say everything you want to hear.

That’s like going to a Chevrolet dealer and asking “are these good quality cars?”…they’ll always say “Yes” since this is what they are selling.

I guess maybe the answer is in reviews. Where’s a good place to find reviews for hosting companies?

Another strategy would be to make sure you know someone that will work at a reasonable rate that will be able to help you as well, including moving your site to a new host (an hour’s work or less in most case). For example, would be one place to start. Almost every host is going to have “mixed” reviews, so I agree it is hard to know what works best.

For me, servint, hostdime and arvixe are good choices, but surely others would have different responses.

I know someone…ME! I can do it for free, so no need to hire anybody.

Actually, if / when I decide to move all my sites, I’m going to setup another domain as my nameserver so I can use the existing nameserver for other purposes once I’m done.

This way, I can pay for my original hosting account under one nameserver…and pay for another hosting account under the new nameserver for a couple months so I have plenty of time to switch each website over. And, as I switch a site to the new hosting space, I’ll wait a few days and take that site down from the original hosting space.

Webdesign / hosting is a side gig for me, so I’ll need a couple months so I can take my time and do some updates on each site as I switch them over. It’ll be a good time to inventory all my sites for update, maybe some re-design as some of them were built several years ago.

Anywho…someone told me recently to look at HostGator.
Are those guys pretty good?

Anywho…someone told me recently to look at HostGator.
Are those guys pretty good?

In my experience, they have been. Great uptime, very good though at times varying server performance.

Though whether they are what you need would depend on what you’re using them for. Obviously their shared hosting is for not too busy websites, given the price point, as you’ll be sharing the server with 2-300 other accounts, possibly more.

The shared hosting account I have now has 200 or 300 websites per server.

Are there any hosting companies that limit how many sites they put on each server?

Yes, all of my sites (about 50 websites) are static sites (primarily used for advertising) so there’s no databasing or other apps that need extra space / bandwidth.

Isn’t HostGator located in Dallas / Ft Worth Texas?

I heard there was some big data center in DFW, which I think would be better than being located in California seeing how they have the potential for large earthquakes.

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Thanks, but me not want hosting in India, no offense intended…

If the audience I was trying to reach was in India, I’d look you guys up.

Isn’t HostGator located in Dallas / Ft Worth Texas?

They’ve got offices in Houston and Austin. The servers are in Texas, they use ThePlanet/Softlayer.

Are there any hosting companies that limit how many sites they put on each server?

An account can have more sites, and given the standard of allowing unlimited domains/sites per account, hosts can do little to limit the number of sites. However, there are so called “semi-dedicated” accounts out there, where the host will promise not to put more than X such accounts per server. Always do the math, because sometimes that promise doesn’t really make sense for the host, unless they’re running a charity. :wink:

The Planet is over in Dallas, but where is Softlayer located at?


Apparently, the merged Softlayer has server in Dallas, Houston, Seattle and Washington DC.

Hostgator’s have been and I think still are located only in Dallas and Houston.

I personally have had a great experience with bluehost over the last 2 years. No complains, great customer service and great rates add up!

Hello there. First of all when you are seeking for the web hosting company you need to understand that tastes are different. And what like you will not like your friend.
In any way I believe that the best choice for the web hosting service is when you give a try to the web hosting company you like.
Through many tries you will be able to find your web hosting company that’s for sure.

At first you determine that which types of hosting you want or what i syour requirement. Are you researching for a basic setup, reseller hosting, or a dedicated server? If you don’t know that which type you need and/or you only need to host one website, you should be fine with the basic package.

We should also consider the Number of Years of existence in Hosting Business’ as one of the factors, as that also adds to the credibility of the service provider.

Sometimes we do overcomplicate things.

Why don’t you just simply pop up in their chat or email the hosting helpdesk (or both) and ask a couple of questions as if you where a customer? Just with the answers back I’m pretty sure that you’ll have a fair idea on what to expect.

It’s hard to do, but as advised above HostGator is fairly solid. At the end of the day always make sure, no matter what your provider promises or who they are, that you maintain your own off-provider backups. Trust me, you don’t want to learn this the hard way.

Absolutely, however you shouldn’t have to worry about those details themselves as long as you’re with a quality provider.

Well, any company that has been a couple of years or more and doesn’t have a disproportionate number of negative reviews should be fine.