How to fetch values of categories and subcategories from the data base

Hello there i want two dropdown button named as 1.categories and 2.subcategories so how come i can fetch values from the database please suggest me about that

Have you Googled how to fetch values from a database, or completed a tutorial on fetching data from a database? Do that, try to make the database query yourself, and then if it doesn’t work, ask for help here.

The way you have worded your question, it sounds like you haven’t tried this yet and are asking others to do it all for you.

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I was gonna reply earlier today to this question with answer similar to “First you fetch the data from database and then you display it on the page using PHP/HTML” but didn’t bother wasting my time back then. Oh well there it is now… quality answers for quality questions :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense.

Well atleast @WebMachine took the time and effort to answer this more reasonably.

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