How to extract array in other arrays with for loop

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I’ve an array looks like this:


How do I get each array from the two big ones? I try a for loop but I’m unable to get them.

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Here’s one way to do it:

mainArray.forEach(function (subArray) {
    subArray.forEach(function (deeperSubArray) {
        // each of the deeperSubArrays will be for example [0,1,2], or [5,4 3]
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Does it have to be a for loop? Because you already have built-in methods for arrays like splice and push:

var array = [ 

var array1=[];
var array2=[];
var array3=[];
var array4=[];
var array5=[];
var array6=[];

document.write(array1 + "<br>" + array2 + "<br>" + array3 + "<br>" + array4 + "<br>" array5 + "<br>" + array6)

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Thank you, it works

Hi v15ko,

It’s not necessary for loop. I can’t think of anything else, so I try for loop. :smile:

An array in Javascript has a “length” property, holding the number of its elements. For example if your array is defined as

arr = [

“arr” is a 3 dimensional array containgng 2 2-dimentional arrays inside. Let’s call each of them “row”:

Access each row using:

    for(i=0; i<arr.length; i++){
      row = arr[i]; // An array of vectors


methods that allow you to process it without ever needing a loop.

The forEach method is the most generic but there are several others that allow you to easily perform just about any array processing with a single call instead of a loop.

Paul posted the code in post 2 of this thread that allows each of the innermost arrays to be processed directly without needing to loop over the outer two levels of array.

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