How to Extend Background Image so that it covers 100% height in a float Layout

Hi All,

I am trying to repeat an image all over the screen in an floating layout. I tried to use height:100% but it doesnt work. Can any one suggest me anything.

Site which I am referring here is : This

Instead of “repeat-y” (which just makes the image repeat vertically) use “repeat”, which will repeat it continuously across the background both horizontally and vertically.

url("../images/background.jpg") [COLOR="Red"]repeat[/COLOR] scroll center top #AAAAAA

What I really meant was, that I want to extend the blue strip down as much it can go vertically (and not horizontally). I dont want to grey paper texture to tile horizontally thats why I wrote repeat-y only.

Do you mean the content background? Your original question is not very clear. What does “all over the screen” mean?