How to evaluate the UX of a website that I don't own?

For a digital marketing academic project I have to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the UX of a 5 star hotel website in order to find what aspects are either increasing or decreasing the CRO. Can somebody help me with where to get started and how? I am so lost!

Well UX is user experience. You are a user. what is your experience.

set a few scenarios. You are someone wanting to book a hotel room in 2 weeks time for 3 days. how easy is it to do that.

You are someone wanting to know if breakfast is included with your room booking and if its vegan.

You are someone who is colorblind - is the contrast enough to be able to read the buttons (there are websites that will evaluate that for you)

How fast did the site load (pingdom, google page speed)

Is it mobile friendly (google mobile checker). Actually try the above using a phone to see how easy it is to use as well as desktop

can you see how to contact the hotel easily.

Is the html valid (not really a UX requirement but could affect things)

etc etc

Hopefully useful to start with.


Thank you Noppy for your reply. Very helpful! What are some websites that would evaluate the contrast of the buttons and etc? Are they free?
Are there any other free tools to use for the evaluation?

a google search will find you quite a few free tools. Some are paired down versions of paid versions so is useful but only evaluates 5 pages for free.

google page speed and mobile checks are free is free

html validator is free

There is also a downloadable tool available here:

I particularly like that, as it lets you see the effects of different forms of colour blindness, and also cataracts. (The Windows version runs on Linux under Wine.)

Thank you so much… will look them up. :blush:

But can they be run on a website that I don’t own?

Thank you so much TechnoBear. I hope they are free tools. And can they be run on a website that I don’t own?

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yep you can run them on any website you like. It’s all front end testing

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