How to evaluate a graphic design as a product manager?

How can I as a product manager evaluate a design? There has to be more to it then how it makes me feel individually? What are the factors to evaluating an effective design most customers would like?

Because this is a web development forum, you will probably get responses related to the design of web sites. For graphic design, you’d probably be better off asking that question in a graphic design forum.

As far as I’m concerned, it is important to have a web design that is attractive but nice-looking is useless if the website visitor can’t navigate the website or misses out on important information.

So above all, make sure that the website is useable and accessible. I found out early on the what i like visually as a web developer may not work for other people, because they just think and function differently.

My solution - get other people from various walks of life, levels of computer understanding, levels of visual accuity, to actually test out the design and give their feedback.

You have to always remember that the website is being designed for the user, not the designer or the client.

Hope that helps.


The most popular technique is user testing. Users are asked to perform a specific scenario, for example, to find a gift for a friend or to pick up a ski tour for their family. In the course of the assignment, the moderator sits next to the user and asks him questions - why did he click on one or another button, did after that pressing exactly what he expected. All user actions are recorded on video and then analyzed and discussed in a working group. It is rather a qualitative study, it allows you to identify the obvious weaknesses of the site and get rich material for further research, but does not provide representative information about the behavior of the entire mass of users.

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