How to escape KDE Wallet password entering

Hi all,
On my kubuntu 18.04 I use several browsers Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and opening firstly
one of them I have to fill KDE Wallet password which I had to create after system installation.
If there is a way to eascpe this KDE Wallet password entering, as I do not any additive validation opening my Kubuntu ?


Maybe this helps?

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I am not sure what is
Open System → Preferences → Passwords and Encryption Keys

in my Kubuntu ?

First you open the start menu (or whatever it is called in Kubuntu), then click the System icon, then click preferences, then click “Passwords and Encryption Keys”

Do you meam System Settings :
? It has only such “preferences” :
Or some other page ? Or have to install some additive app ?

Really not sure. I don’t have kubuntu locally, so I can’t do the steps with you :confused:

I’ve never used Kubuntu, but on my Ubuntu system, “Passwords and Keys” is on the Accessories menu. Try there, or just search in your system. The post linked to is from 2010, so there have probably been changes to the system since then.

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