How to encode & decode email?

I have this:

$email = ''; 
echo base64_encode($email);

When I echo it like this:

echo base64_decode($email);

It outputs this:



I’m trying to pass it in a url link like this:

$email = base64_decode($_GET['email'];)

What I’m I doing wrong? Thank you

you’re decoding the plain email - but you have to use the return value of base64_encode() for base64_decode()

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How do you mean?

How do I get the return value?

$encoded = base64_encode($email);
echo base64_decode($encoded);

You got it! Thanks. Now I can use? $email = base64_decode($_GET['email']);

That will work, as long as you’re passing the encoded email string in your $_GET parameter.

You should sanitize all $_GET variables before using them just in case someone tampered with the value.

$email = filter_var(base64_decode($_GET['email']), FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL);

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