How to embed code into paragraphs


I am having some difficulties with <code> tags embedded into paragraphs: Link to website

It seems that some space gets added to it at the bottom, so that lines with bits of code in it become higher than others. That looks ugly!

What am I missing here? Can anybody help?

In which browser are you seeing the problem? It looks fine to me in Firefox7 and Chromium on Linux.

In webkit browsers, i.e. Chrome and Safari.

It looks also fine in Mozilla , IE6 7 8 9 ,Chrome Opera ans Safari . (Windows 7)
maybe you could set an inline display to code ?

I can see a slight difference in Safari. Try changing the line-height in the font declaration of #text article code from 25px to 100%.

I see a slight gap in Firefox and Safari (didn’t test in others). I’d say remove the line height for the code altogether. That fixes it for me.

Wow, thank you! You guys are great. In fact the 100% line-height did the trick. Works like a charm now. You guys really saved me a couple of hours work.