How To Edit Website


This may be in the wrong section…

Im wondering how I can edit my website myself,make basic changes at first?
Can’t do it through the hosting panel anymore as they got rid of this function,whats the best way to do it? If thats any help this is the website

I prefer if your critical and tell the truth,I didn’t know it would be a pain to edit.

All I wanted to do was to be able to change some small things like the meta tags so I can tweek it here and there.

So if I want to have some pages edited/changed is it a web designer im looking for? Or will they not want to do it since it will be a pain?
Im not going to ask the company who did the site since you say the code is garbage,I want it done properly with some design/seo in mind.

Many of them are free.

Check out WordPress. There’s no charge to use it. There are many free themes to choose from. They can also be custom coded.

Many host come with a pre-installation of it.


AutoMechanic I don’t mean to be too critical, but the coding on your site is total garbage. It would be pain to edit, really, for anyone. I’ve never seen so many nested tables.


It’s true that the site isn’t standards-compliant and would be difficult for even a programmer to edit. It is nice-looking, though :slight_smile: Somebody should rebuild that template in css.

What,how,where…how much does it cost,which one to use?
I tried a free example but wasn’t sure how to put the code into website,total beginner see? :lol:


I work as a mechanic as you might have guessed :smiley: so I have no clue where to begin with it.How easy is it to understand CMS,will it be in plain english or will I still have to understand the ‘code’ ?
I don’t want to start a new website,just edit the current one above.
In my hosting sphere there is site studio 1.7 but im not sure if the site was built with this? Any help would be great,thanks.

Administering Wordpress doesn’t require any code to use.
Installing it does require some technical knowledge, but there are some hosts that have it pre-installed.


Just want to edit is much more complex and involved than what you think. Unless you edit the source for files directly a new site will be required to be built. Whether you go with WordPress or any other system really doesn’t matter. In the end your going to need to adapt your design to what is the required standard for those systems in order to gain the advantages they provide. Your request for information is in many ways equivalent to me asking you how to rebuild my engine. Considering I know very little about automobile mechanics you would probably tell me to hire someone and not do it myself. The same pretty much goes here.

You don’t want to use cms?