How to edit this layout

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble getting these text fields in my form to align properly.

As you will see in the image below, the ‘collection’ field is overlapping the ‘company’ field. This is because i edited the width of the box in my css file.

How do make the ‘company’ field space correctly between the ‘company’ field?

The original css snippet is also below, the part highlighted in blue is the value i edited. I have also included the snippet of html.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Andy. Welcome to the forums.

It’s near impossible to help with images like this. Please post demo code here that demonstrates the issue, or perhaps post a demo on CodePen. Then we can see what’s really going on and give a practical solution.

Hey Ralph, thanks for replying.

I found a solution, just adding a few extra fields to make it all align properly. It isn’t the best solution, but it works :slight_smile:

There is one more problem i am having though, and that’s the form submit button.

Because this website is supposed to be for a car retailer, when the form is filled out and submitted the submit button takes you to another page and then sorts the cars relevant to the information added.

what i would like it to do is send the information entered into the form to my email address.

I’m not sure what bit of code you will need to look for here, i have searched every file for it but can’t seem to find any clues. I can normally find the bits that need editing, but this css is beyond my ability.

I have added a zip file to this reply, hopefully you or somebody else could take a look if you have the time.

Thanks again for helping :slight_smile:

Eek, a .exe file. I wouldn’t open that if I could, but I’m on a Mac anyway. Perhaps a humble .zip would be better.

That sort of functionality depends on a programming language like PHP. It’s not something CSS can do.

Ah OK, there’s no php file within the directory so i will have to work on that.

Don’t know why it’s .exe as they’re all html, css or js. files? Including the image files png. jpg. etc.

You should be able to upload the .zip file here directly. (You need to use the “Go advanced” button to access the “Additional Options” at the bottom, including “Attachments”.)

I didn’t realize that, here’s the the zip again. I had to leave the /images directory out due to the file size being too big :slight_smile:

Sussed it!.. sort of lol

I went over to and created a form on their website. Once complete, i copied and pasted the form URL between the current forms <divs> (deleting the old content of-course) and wholla… My JotForm incorporated the design of the old form.

If that makes sense?

Either way it was lucky move.

Thanks again for trying to help :slight_smile:

Glad you found a suitable solution. :slight_smile: