How to easily manage/modify multiple websites under different URL's - simultaneously?


I am wondering where I can get an answer to this question.

How can I more efficiently an effectively manage content changes & updates etc., across multiple domains, subhosted under one primary main domain? They are hosted at

It would be great if I could get the functionality of a CSS style sheet, which accomplishes this for pages hosted in the same folder or domain, etc. my need is to push out a change, and have it appear in multiple, separate folders/subdomains.

we would like to make changes and share our content modifications so they propagate across multiple sites in real time, instead of tediously having to modify each site separately…

I am trying to see if there is a way to perhaps use WordPress, and am not sure if there is a dependable ‘multiple site management’ tool or function, or some other way. To date I have not been able to confirm that as a viable path…

Failing that is there some other way to accomplish this goal? I would greatly appreciate any help and comments/ideas…

Thanks in advance,

Multisite capability is built into Wordpress already (added from version 3 afaik).

That contains instructions but as I can’t see any date as to when that article was written or last updated I can’t say if they are current. In any case if your going to be migrating an existing site over, don’t forget to make a complete backup (database and code) before proceeding.