How to dynamically populate Google Map markers

One of the projects I am involved with is Flutracking ( The main aims of Flutracking system are to rapidly determine and report on:

• The onset of influenza in Australia and subregions
• The effectiveness of the influenza vaccine
• The severity of circulating influenza strains
• If influenza strains have changed

We would like to provide an instant feedback using Google Map to our participants similar to one on the Book Depository Live - after they complete their surveys. I hope we could get some information from one of you guys how to design a similar system for Flutracking. I contacted Book Depository technical department asking them if they can give me few hints on how to go about designing our system to look like their map but didn’t get any feedback from Book Depository at all. :frowning:

I know how to add a Google Map and one or more markers on load but I would love to learn how to dynamically update the map every time someone completes the survey (add and remove markers on the fly). I would love to find out what I need to do or few links to information on-line if possible; preferable using JavaScript, jQuery, ColdFusion or .NET.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.:slight_smile:

Thank you.


To manipualate the maps you will want to read up on the google maps API docs – the same stuff you can do on load you can do later with the Map object (or whatever they are calling it, last time I spent quality time over there was on v2).

On the server side you can use one of a number of techniques to serve the data. It will largely depend on your specific requirements as to how to push this stuff. If it is truly realtime updates (and you have Windows Server 2012 hosting) you might want to check out signalR, an ASP.NET project that makes web socket powered interactions easy. If you just want it to live refresh every 15 seconds or something like that then something like an ajax request to an endpoint serving JSON will get you there.

Google maps is now on V3 and I used this tutorial to get data from a database.

From memory there is a method where you can use a database of locations to set you location by name but it is a very large database of locations!

I have a form and upload a description, set an album and add a photo. The location comes from the EXIF data and I have a similar info box to the Book depositary but it only shows onclick.