How to dominate the first page of GOOGLE?

Hello everyone I am a NOOB in Search Engine Optimization. I wanted to make an experiment but before that I wanted to consult that plan with you experienced people.
So my experiment plan is that-
Suppose that I make 5 blogs, 5 articles, 5 classifieds.
Which means I have 15 different urls.
I select 30 keywords for all of them. 2 keywords per url.
Now I apply all off page optimization techniques for them.
Now think if this experiment gets successful then people would get 15 results [5 blogs, 5 articles, 5 classifieds] at per page if they search GOOGLE by my keywords.
This way I would be dominating the first page of GOOGLE.
Now please tell me by giving your expert advice if my this plan is GOOD or BAD or even possible or Where do I lack ?
Please help. Thank you in advance.

[font=verdana]If yours was the only website in the world, you would be in with a good chance. But as there are somewhere approaching 1 billion other websites out there, that makes things a bit more tricky – especially as there will be lots that are targeting the same keywords that you are, many of which are well established and (with no offence meant) way better than yours are likely to be as brand new start-ups.

If it was as easy to be number 1 in Google as you suggest, everyone would be number 1. But they can’t be, because for any word or phrase, there’s only going to be one number 1 position, and several thousands or millions of other positions that aren’t number 1.[/font]

Your plan is quite nice but it will only work if you have uniqueness in your content. the more unique and informative is your content on blogs and article then less amount of Off-Page work you have to do as Google highly give preference to Unique content now a days.

[FONT=verdana]And what would be the point?

If the three sites dealt with the same topics - aimed at the same audience - you would simply be splitting the content over three different places. That’s bad for you, and bad for the visitor.

Better to consolidate the content into one comprehensive site, with a much richer mix of material. The site would be more interesting for your visitors, and you are more likely to get repeat visits and in-coming links. Even it meant that the site was at position 3 rather than positions 1, 2 and 3, you would still have more chance of attracting the type of visitor you want.


Totally agree with Mikl. But anyway I would like to know that has anyone of you ever tried this concept ?

Yes. Millions of people have tried. It hasn’t worked for any of them.

You use to be able to rank a website fast for your keyword with alot of simple tricks but not any more. Now it takes alot of work and you need to know what not to do.

It can’t hurt to try, but I think you need a backup plan. It is possible to get a #1 spot for long tail keywords with a low amount of competitors, but not for very popular searched keywords and phrases.

Well you should check keyword competition and make plan accordingly. sometime your plan can work with no competition keyword but most of the time, it will not be of much use.

As per my own opinion, We can’t attain the #1 position only by getting this 15 different URL’s as you mentioned. It is totally depend upon your competition and your quality of the website. Instead of posting unique and quality content into blogs, classifieds, articles … Why not add those quality contents in your own website? If you are updating interesting & unique content based on your visitor’s interest regularly in your own website, you definitely get the #1 position for your targeted keywords…!