How to do this task in jquery?

basically I don’t need to genearate Id for that using JavaScript I am setting value on that label from My JSON

tricky part is I want to get Text written on that Particular

on some click event

As per my experience with such implementation where we plot data from JSON, you can make best use of building HTML fragments in JS. That would give you ease to control markup.

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Suppose MyId is something like this 90UIT101,90UIT102,90UIT103

so how can I get this text when a user clicks on delete Record button example given by you?

Is it not possible something like this

here you go :smile:

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Working fine

suppose I want to get text of not first and last element but text of some other (between first and last)

How can I do that?

You can achieve the same using either of the following approaches

  1. use :eq() jQuery API to specify index of target node
  2. specify unique css class on each node to fetch the values [recommended]

Fiddle -

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Thanks Lokesh

Awesome code and Help
Now everything is working fine

This is my code

I want to some more thing in my code
I have updated it

When I am clicking on Delete I want id of that userId but its not working

this code worked for me

there is something different on this

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