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I know this is not a forum for cms questions, I quess, but the Joomla forum seems almost dead.

Im a beginner in Joomla and website building in general. I do have an idea about the website that I would like to have though. And the main thing that I need is something that I dont even know the name for ;D
So, basically I need to create a form (somewhat similar to ads), that describes individual projects, that can be submitted by users, and in this form there should be many custom fields - for example, description, place, time etc. Plus, there should be a field that says, for example, how many people are required for this project. When the form is submitted, other users should be able to see it and apply for this project. So, if it says in the form, that 4 people are required, than 4 people should be able to apply/register.
I also require a search tool, that would include all the fields and the possibility to look for projects with or without the possibility to apply.
Then, I would also need to relate to these forms in different kinds of statistics.
/ ok, while writing this I remembered where have I seen this thing before —>
other than having different field names, this is pretty much what I`m looking for.
So, I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me out and explain how can I do this.
Thanks in advance.


Hi David. The things you would like are not 1, 2, 3 done unfortunately. You are not just talking about just HTML and CSS . You talk about server side scripting as well.

Indeed Joomla and CMS alike could be the answer. But I think it is very important to have some basic understanding, so you know what is going on at the back-end of your website.

I won’t say don’t use any of the CMS, what I say is try to get some understanding about things involved, before stepping into the deep.

Hey David, I guess I have to agree with donboe. It is way important to get to know more the basics firsts. anyways, have you tried searching for more possibly available joomla forum sites yet? People there should be able to help you a lot better.