How to do seo for arabic websites?

I am little strange how we can do SEO for Arabic if you don’t know about language then how you will carry this?
Can we add Arabic keywords in English article

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How to do seo for arabic websites?

The same way you would for any other website. The principles are the same, no matter what the language. I’d recommend Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” as the best place to start.

That seems an odd thing to ask. Yes, you can add Arabic words or phrases in an English article (making sure you mark the change of language in the HTML), but it’s unlikely to do you any good for SEO purposes. Search engines try to return the most useful results for the person searching. If I search for a word in English, it’s unlikely to be of much help to me to offer me results where that word simply appears in a page of Arabic, Japanese, or any other language I don’t speak. Search engines will look at the page as a whole. Much better to write in one language for your target audience, rather than trying strange tricks to insert keywords.

Also be sure to add the lang attribute to your html element to the correct language to let search engines know which language it is.

Although automatic language detection is commonly used by major search engines to identify the language of resources, page internal markup can be used to improve the quality of search results based on the user’s linguistic preferences.

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