How to do right text align?

Hi, I want to give a text-align: right to the red marked element. I want the text to be right aligned. …but this does not work. How do I right align text inside a span ?

Here is the part of relevant HTML

		<span><label for="localadult">Online Payment Tax:</label></span>
			<span><label for="Rs" style="width: 50px;">(Rs)</label></span>

Spans are inline elements, so they don’t respond to settings like that (which are for block level elements). The solution is to set the span to display: block, like so:

span {
[COLOR="#FF0000"]    display: block;[/COLOR]
    text-align: right;

If you only want the one span set to display: block, then give it a special class:

<span [COLOR="#FF0000"]class="special"[/COLOR]>10,000</span>

.special {
    display: block; 
    text-align: right;