How to divide a website project

Hi everyone i’m new to sitepoint, but i’ve been lurking in the shadows finding a lot of useful information for some time now. I couldn’t seem to find the answer to this one.

When planning a website: Is there a proper way to divide it into sections, and then assign someone to each?

This may be common sense, but i was wondering if anyone had any useful tips out of experience.

Thanks in advance,

I think whatever works for you is the “proper” way :slight_smile:

To divide up labor, you might start with an issue tracking/task tracking/project management system like TaskFreak, [url=]DotProject, or [url=]Redmine (there are many, many more - both free and non-free). Such a system will allow you to set up each team member as a user, assign tasks on an individual basis, and track progress from a central dashboard.

The particulars of who does what would of course all depend on your individual project and needs. A typical arrangment might be for one person/team to be in charge of creating the comp, one in charge of front-end programming, another handling back-end programming, and still another developing content. If you’re going to have more than one person editing the same code, you may want to set up a versioning system such as Mercurial so team members don’t end up working against each other.

Mind-mapping software such as Xmind or [url=]Freemind can also be a big help in keeping the project coordinated.

Thank you very much. I’m going to trust my own “proper” way, and also check out those systems you suggested. I’ve heard of the project management ones, but i’m a virgin to the mind-mapping ones. But anyway, thanks for the truley fulfilling advice.


You’re most welcome :slight_smile: