How to display 'section' titles in google search result?

When you type in any popular website in google (e.g. yahoo), the search result will show the main site name, plus up to 6 ‘section titles’. I see the same behavior on other people’s wordpress site. But when I type my website’s name i.e “dream home guide” in google search then it gives a list of 2 or 3 sections including name of any article of facebook page. Though I have installed SEO plugin from Yoast. Does anyone know how it happens?

You need a good XML sitemap, and to have set up a Webmaster Tools account and submitted it.

But beyond that, AFAIK, it’s an arbitrary “decision” that Google’s algorithms make that can’t be forced by anyone.

Just the sitemap.xml won’t do it? You have to actually create a Google account, set up Webmaster Tools, and submit it?



I’m sure it’s not necessary to have the sitemap on Webmaster Tools in order for Google to decide to list the sections in results, but if we’re going for the best possible options, when dealing with SEO for Google, it seems intuitive to use Webmaster Tools.

There’s tons of material on using Webmaster tools, and improving SEO in general, out there.

Really what the algorithm is probably doing, in some sense, is determining what it thinks is useful to show the searcher. That falls back on basic SEO and content quality practices, I suppose.

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