How to display new Template File in omega theme?

Hi, I have created new template file know it is not showing in my dashboard.
How can i show it.

I have customize omega theme according to my requirement and want to to display different templates for different pages.

This is the template code

 * Template Name: Gallery Page *
 * @package Omega 

get_header(); ?>
<main  class="<?php echo omega_apply_atomic( 'main_class', 'sidebarcontent' );?>" <?php omega_attr( 'sidebarcontent' ); ?>>
	do_action( 'omega_before_content' ); 
	do_action( 'omega_content' ); 
	do_action( 'omega_after_content' ); 
</main><!-- .content -->
<?php get_footer(); ?>

But don’t no it not showing in dashboard so i can choose template for different pages.

Please help me to solve this issue on urgent bases.

Here is the link:

Know i want to customize it for new page.

If you see side bar goes down. So i have created a new template file for this

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