How to display content from a PHP page/ RSS feed as a slideshow on the front page?

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I’m not sure if this is the best section to post this question. Truth be told I reckon it falls under various topics.

Anyway, here goes.

On the front page of a website I want there to be a section which shows the latest offers in a sliding fashion. For example product offer #1 would show for 5 seconds along with its photo and some information such as price, discount, offer expiry date etc. After each duration of 5 seconds (each interval would be in blocks of 5 seconds) the next product offer would be displayed, i.e. product #2 and so on.

As the content source I could either add additional tags to the products page (in PHP + HTML) or perhaps read the info from the RSS feed of the same page. Whichever way I choose I would then decide how to present the data on screen.

How would you guys and girls approach this one?

I’m thinking of using this:

That would provide some nice transition effects between the slides.

What really makes me scratch my head right now is how to extract the data either from the PHP page or RSS feed. The only way I can think of for now is to write a parser which detects special tags and then extracts the data for me to then show on the front page.

Any ideas?

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Thanks your input.

I’ve checked out your code. Correct me if I’m wrong but this would work but only if the container DIV’s are in the same page (within its code)? As I would be looking to extract code from another page and display it on the front page this wouldn’t work.

You can load them and crate list of elements or list of divs with the content then you can slide them with jQuery plugin,