How to display 23 pg word doc

Hi Guys.

I’m currently building a website for a company here in Australia, and so far it’s all going well. In phase 2 of development however, I have to make a 23 page word document into an html document.

My question then, is this. Would it be better to display the document as one long page with anchors back to the top for each sub-section, or make a separate html page for each page of the document with “Page 1”, “Previous”, “Back” or some other such link at the top?

I’m leaning towards the multi-page option myself, but I would love to hear from some of you as to how you would do it and why.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Why not have it available for download by those who should have access to it as a pdf?

It would depend in part on what the 23 page document contains.

Is it made up of a whole lot of info that would be appropriately split into separate web pages with one page per topic.

Is it one complete whole that is better read from a printed copy where a downloadable PDF would be the most useful option.

If you are going to make it into eight to ten longer web pages rather than 20 to 50 shorter ones then a row of links across the top to be able to jump down to the various ids on the sub heading tags and links at the bottom of each section back to the top of the page probably would make it easier for people to work with.

SpacePhoenix: That is not a bad idea, but there is a questionnaire that makes up a part of this, so I think the client will ask for it to all be online. Having said that, I’ll bring it up at the meeting we’re having this week.

felgall: I think your idea of the longer pages with links to sub headings etc will be the best option. Looking through the document, there are headings that make for natural page breaks, so I’ll probably be able to break it down to about 8-10 pages.

Loving the feedback so far. I hadn’t even considered the pdf angle. I’ll post back and let you know what the client decides.

I would go with PDF purely out of the size consideration and keeping the document “in-tact” rather than having an insanely long HTML file (or a page heavy document), PDF allows you to fill in and submit forms anyway (depending on the editor you use and if it supports PDF forms) so it’s always an option :slight_smile: