How to determine GPS coordinates interaction

I have four GPS coordinates on a field 30m x 30m x 30m x 30m. Can somebody help on a code to be able to determine if some points (10m x 15m x 10m x 8m) I earlier marked out is in any way part of the GPS coordinates. I want to assue that the points (10m x 15m x 10m x 8m) will also be assigned GPS coordinates.

What exactly you are trying to do? I do not understand really and I do not get what is 30x30x30x30 field. Can you explain more? GPS coordinates are longitude and latitude pairs. Example of numeric form coordinate:

41.829496, -71.807488

I have defined GPS coordinates and I want to check whether a new GPS coordinate I have is within the already defined ones.

What I want to do is to check whether a GPS longitude/latitude is within an area with already defined GPS coordinates on. That could have a square or polygon boundaries. I have seen some posts but confused because I am a novice. Can somebody help?

Are you working with Google Maps? If so maybe using this script is an option: I haven’t used it or tested it but based on the comments it should work on Google Maps.

If you need to determine the point in spherical polygon then that won’t work.

edit: there is also some fixes in the comments section that you might wanna read thruu.

I have worked with two coordinate systems. Cartesian and Polar.
Roughly speaking, Cartesian is “square / cube” and Polar is “circle / sphere”.

AFAIK, Google maps are based on Cartesian. So you will need both “X axis / longitude” and “Y axis / latitude” values for every “point” you are working with.

Thanks TeNDoLLA, your contribution was very useful

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