How to determine best logo dimensions?

I always wonder how to determine the best dimensions of a logo within a web page’s header. Usually I design the header to be able to include a Web 1.0 banner so it must be higher than 60 pixels. But when I try to measure the logo (logo’s image, text & slogan) I feel I have no formal way to determine the best dimensions. Are there any design concepts I can apply to this problem or is it just trial & error? I am asking this because I see that good designed sites position their logos in a wide variety of ways in regard to dimensions & position.

There’s no fixed formula because there’s a huge number of variables.

What shape is the logo? Does it work when scaled below a certain size? Should you place a lot of emphasis on it? Does the client insist on there being a certain amount of space around it? Should it go in the header? Should there even be a header as such?

Basically, you need to play until it looks “right”. Once you’ve put together a few layouts you’ll begin to get a feel for it.

Well, first of all a logo should be done in vector so that it is not bound to any dimensions… then you will be able to include it as you like in the way that it is the best according to a given context :slight_smile:

Thank you both. What I understand now is that it’s basically a trial & error process.

@simsim…you got it right there.

If you are talking about static width and not a logo that stretches and shrinks with the page, I limit width to 780 pixels so it will fit an 800 x 600 display.

I usually use 1/4 of my header width (780px). Anyway there is no standards. And it also depends on how complex your logo is.