How to design to see site in mobile

Hello everybody,

I developed one site. it is in hindi language.

i want to see site in mobile. so what is the main page name should be there.
To see site in mobile

most important thing is it is in hindi language. when i open in mobile font mission problem so plz explain me the process…

reply with below query

1 main page name to see in mobile.
2 solution of font missing in mobile.
3 how to design to see in mobile


The homepage name should be Relating to your website like

  1. Welcome to … or just “My website” where My website is any text of your website…
  2. About the font don’t know much but u can give ur css font list like Vendana, Arial etc. and i believe Arial will be on mobile. its a css thing that one font is not avaiable it moves on next in the list. Technically speaking u can’t control font on a person machine.
  3. the best option perhaps the only option to make(designs) website is to design in % (i.e width should be in % instead of px) so depending on the client screen. the website will squeeze/expand according to there sizes

scripts99, the best solution I can recommend is having a separate (smaller) site on a subdomain like which can hold all the mobile stuff (trying to adapt existing designs to mobile devices is a war you don’t want to get caught up in). As for the hindi font, I really don’t know what to suggest, mobile devices don’t allow for third party fonts outside of what they support, you’re likely to be out of luck on that. :slight_smile:

Simply upload site hosting and enter the site from your mobile