How to Design for one content type?

Hello dears,
I new at web design and i have a friend he is an auther he has 10 books and he want to make a website as alibrary for his books so the users can read them and download some of them i am tring to figure out how can i design a website for one type of content only books ? any idaes any websites deal with one content may help, thank you in advanced


I’m sure if you search for “books” in your favorite search engine you will find lots of sites that deal with books.

A better way to start, I feel, is to look at what content he needs to present, and how it can best be organized, and let a design naturally arise from that.

How about a splash screen with a background image of a bookcase with his books as images that can be linked to that book’s page?

I think that’d be cool. You could have navigation on the top for bio, contact, etc.

You could also just limit the website to the splash screen w/ Javascript pop-ups for summaries, reviews, downloading, etc.

Good luck.

And how would you cater for uses with JavaScript disabled?

I couldn’t quite tell you! I’ll have to think about that when my academics aren’t such a pressing concern late at night :slight_smile:

Edit: Good point, TB

Hello,Thank you all very nice Ideas it opens the closed loop I was looping in :slight_smile:
what do think about this ?

  • Header with title.
  • Splash screen ( Or Slideshow to present the new books or top books)
  • A book could be displayed either in a table as a list or the book covers with descriptions or we give the user the two options
  • Sidebar with Mailing list
  • The footer