How to design classes to handle Insert/Update and other roles effectively?

I am not using MVC but I do wish to follow a nice pattern.

My application is in C# 4.0, but the question here in relates to OOP concepts.
My application is a small program which opens a data-entry screen. A Form is opened with several fields to be filled in by the user. This program stores information about pumps drilled in a city or a village. I want to design a Class to effectively manage this program and pump information in future.
Each pump record comprises of following fields:

(1) Pump drilling date
(2) Place of drilling
(3) Location
(4) Latitude
(5) Longitude
(6) Sanction Number
(7) Sanction Date
(8) Name of Engineer
(9) Drilling machine used
(10) Depth & Diameter

These are few primary fields from the long list of fields. I can create a simple class like:

Class Pump
	public Date DrillDate { get; set;}
	public string Place {get;set;}
	public string Location {get;set;}

– I want a class to Insert or Update information in the database.
– I want a class to populate various DropDowns on the screen once the screen gets loaded.

I can create an abstract class but looking at the ten fields mentioned above, I don’t find any good reason to create an abstract class.

Please help.

There is no need for abstract classses or things like that. Only a clear delimitation between application layers, i.e don’t mix business logic with view logic or persistence logic. For database, use a micro orm like or peta poco.
The class to populate various dropdowns is called a view model, that is the model from where a view takes its data. The Pump class seems good enough for that. I think it’s more of a basic architecture problem rathen than OOP.

Both micro ORMs look good and easy. I am new to ORMs and so want to know whether there is a need to write stored procedures in the database or ORM handles parameterized queries?

No need for stored procedures

I am referring to PetaPoco documentation. But I am not following where should the connection string go, in the file or I need to derive a new class from the template?

Where should the INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT statements go? The Pump class is the base class.