How to design a website about yoga

I am a yoga learner, and I want to build a website about yoga classes,yoga learning, learn exchange, and so on.I am confused that how to design such a site,can you give me some advice on it?Thanks very much.

Hi joemy. If you don’t know anything about web design at all, you need to decide if it’s worth learning all about this discipline for the sake of one site. A better idea might be to hire a designer to do a site for you. Or, there are services on the web that allow you to set up a free site, though they are pretty limited. Still, it’s a good way to make a start online.

well, for me the best thing that you can do is to look for your competitors site and get an idea. or might as well hire a web designer who has some creative mind to do a unique website for you.

What will make your site better than others that focus on the same topic? Its not going to be the design… granted design is an important part it is nothing without useful, new and informative information. That at the information level with a strategy to provide useful tools, info, something than think about using visual and behavioral design to enhance the pursuit of content for users and/or usage of interactive tools. Content and an engagement strategy is just as much as part of the design as anything else. Probably the most important part when it comes down to the purpose of a web based site or application in general. What keeps people coming back to Facebook or even this forum… it surely isn’t the design. Granted the visual appearance on neither isn’t shabby its nothing great. Its all about the content and engaging an audience, if you have no means of doing that than your just creating another useless site and are best off not creating a site in the first place.