How to design a layout (PSD) for wordpress?

Hi guys,

I recently started designing again last May after a 4 year break. I get some inquiries if I design layouts for wordpress. Wordpress is new to me so I want to ask: How do you design a PSD layout for wordpress?

Is there a certain width of the layout that I should use?
Any certain format or criteria that I should follow? Where to exactly place the banners, photos, menu and body of text?

A link to good tutorials will be greatly appreciated.


You can send your design and get converted to WordPress, PSD TO WORDPRESS code your design to a Wordpress Theme.

They do cross-browser compatible valid WordPress Theme and they offer a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for all customers.
Hope it’s useful :slight_smile:

Wordpress does not dictate your photoshop layout. It is the other way around. You design your website the way you want it to be and then make wordpress fit into that by appropriate CSS/HTML and the Wordpress templating code.

I would suggest drawing on paper what you want on your site. Header, menu (sidebar), content and footer - standard stuff… if you want more… then plan it out.

Next… go to photoshop and design it the way you want.

The last step is making wordpress fit into what you did… so really if you are good in photoshop all you need is a tutorial in wordpress templates.

I don’t know a link top of my head but I am sure you’ll find a plethora if you googled it.

Canradical, thanks a lot for the explanation. Now I get the big picture.

I found a couple of links from

No problem… it is Conradical by the way… just making sure my name sticks… especially when voting time comes around… :shifty:

I think you can just design a theme in photoshop only else you can do in CSS and HTML