How to deploy a browsers horizontal scroll bar?

newbie in need of assistance,

with regard to how a web page is displayed by a browser - how does one get the browser to create/display a (bottom of screen) horizontal scroll bar when the user resizes the browser window to a size less than “maximum”? More specifically - I have some web pages that display info using fieldsets. Though I can set the css properties of these fieldsets to properly display on the page when the browser’s screen size is maximized, but when the user resizes the browser window ( to something less than “maximized”), the fieldsets can sometimes overlap one another. I have noticed that some web sites show a horizontal scroll bar that appears when the user resizes the window. the horizontal scroll bar keeps the page layout and aspect ratio of page content in tact. Is this horizontal scroll bar that appears when a window is resized a java function, a css function, all of the above or what? Thanks.


Hi scotty58. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

It’s actually much simpler than that. If an element (like a page wrapper div) has a set width, then when the browser window is less that that width, a scroll bar appears. It sounds like you may be using position: absolute for page layout, which is a bad idea in general, as it gives you much less control over how elements interact with each other.