How to delete this in Illustrator


I am very new to Illustrator 9, but i really want to learn it!. I am trying to design a CD cover take a look at

The thing is i want to delete part of the rectangle that overlaps the big orange circle.

It’s not like in photoshop where i would select the big circle click on the rectangle layer, select inverse, then hit delete.

Someone please help me, and if i can be really cheeky does anyone have any ‘decent’ tutorials on Illustrator there doesn’t seem to be many good ones out there.

thanks for any help or time in answering this

I responded to the post you made about this in the Illustrator board at tutorialforums. You might want to check there. I’m in a rush at the moment and dont’ ah ve the time for re-typing it or hunting it down to copy/paste the answer here…

Pathfinder tool. It is a palette with options of ‘knocking out’ or ‘combining’ shapes and paths. Depending on how the layers are stacked or the objects; just play with the different options and you’ll find the one for you. It might require a little tweaking of the path points later on.

You’ve got a few options.

The Pathfinder menu (Window > Show Pathfinder (or SHIFT + F9)), then select Divide. You’ll then have to delete the extra bits using the Direct Selection Tool (Press A).

Alternately, you can just mask those corners out. Select the large circle and copy it (CTRL + C). Paste in Front (CTRL + F). Select the circle and the rectangle then press CTRL + 7. That will hide parts of the rectangle using the circle’s shape as the mask.