How to delete rows in mySQL with phpmyadmin sql query?

how can I delete rows that contain certain emails in phpmyadmin? I have a list of emails that I want to delete the users of

Click on the SQL tab and then:

delete from tablename where emailfield=""

then click Go and hope for the best :slight_smile:
(backup your table just in case)

my table name is “wp_signups” and my email column name is “user_email” and when I run what you said, it looks like this:
delete from wp_signups where user_email="","",""
however, I just get an error message:

SQL query:

delete from wp_signups where

What am I doing incorrectly? Thanks

your WHERE clause needs work :slight_smile:

… WHERE user_email IN ( ‘’,‘’,‘’)

Thanks A-OK for the initial quick response in helping me. :slight_smile:
And thank you r937 for being a great team leader and I can see why you are staff member of the year :slight_smile: It worked like a charm!