How to delete part of a letter in Adobe Illustrator

Hi guys,

I’ve designed a logo in Photoshop. Now I need to make a vector of it, and
I’m almost done. I just need to do one more thing:

I’ve typed the letter ‘W’ and the lettter ‘B’. Now I want a horizontal
bar right throught it. So I want to delete parts of letters. (The bar
is just transparant, it doesn’t have a color or anything.) How can
I erease a part of a letter? If I put a white horizontal bar on top
of all the other layers, it looks good because it has a white background,
but when you click the background away, you will have an ugly white bar?

Hope someone can help!!


Convert the letters into outlines and then use the shape-subtract tool.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, it isn’t working for me, what am I doing wrong?

  1. I richt-click on the letter W and click ‘Create Outlines’
  3. In this windows, tab ‘Pathfinder’
  4. Shape modes:
  5. Substract from Shape area, but I can press it, but it won’t stay highlighted.

What can I do next?
Big thanks!

I tried that and it seemed to work fine.

Create outlines on the letters
Drag a colorless thin box across the letters
Select all the objects and group them (Object > Group)
Click Subtract from Shape Area in Pathfinder

My horizontal bar had no color. That may have helped.

Thanks, when I didn’t gave the bar a color, it worked indeed :slight_smile: Thank you very much!!