How to delete an image from folder

Hello friend please help me how can i delete the image from the folder according to the selection i used unlink but not working properly… if any 1 know help me.

Can you post the code you are using?

i use unlink
have a look at unlink php function

What does this mean? Do you get an error?

You need to do a bit of debugging. Use [fphp]file_exists[/fphp] to determine if you have the correct path, and report on unlink.

$file = '../images/example.jpg';
if(file_exists($file) AND is_file($file)) {
  echo 'File exists<br>';
  if(unlink($file)) {
    echo 'File removed';
  else echo 'Unlink error. Check error log';
else echo "$file doesn't exist";

check this

you can study all file operations