How to decompile an swf file?

I have a video php script that I’d like modified. One of the files in the scriupt is an swf file. I asked a php guy how to make the changes I’d like, and he said “you’ll need a flash expert to decompile the swf file”.

Can you tell me what decompiling involves? I’m not familiar with it.

Also: It’s worth pointing out that as Flash is compiled and it’s considered a creative work, decompiling it without the source code being made available or with permission given would likely constitute a violation of intellectual property (copyright) laws. You would be pro-actively reverse engineering someone else’s property (most likely against their wishes). If you want to edit a Flash component, then get the source code, don’t crack protected mediums. :slight_smile:

Alex is absolutely right, but if the .swf belongs to you or if there is no chance to get .fla source file then the only way to get out of a spot is to use software decompiler like Trillix or other one

A swf file is a compiled binary as opposed to a source file, it’s meant to be deployed to the web rather than edited. You’d normally want the original .fla source file to make modifications. Swf files can be reverse processed by a decompilation application to try and recreate the original .fla file which can then be opened in flash and edited. How successful this process will be depends on how complex the original swf is, and whether the original creator has applied any protective encryption (sometimes implemented to try and discourage decompilation when the author wants to protect against theft or modification)