How to decide site theme for link building and category for submission?

Hi There,
I am promoting this site: bouclier dot in . I confused to choose a relevant category for submission and theme for link building.
Kindly let me know what category and theme will be better for this site.

Kindly help me urgently

Hi vizzmedia.

It’s a clothing site, so maybe “clothing”, “apparel”, “work wear”, “safety clothing”? It can’t be that hard to find a category. :slight_smile:

Actually, this is kinda post to get visitors to the mentioned URL, I believe. Who in the world cannot know which category that website belongs too?

It deals with Clothing, Medical apparatus, pharmaceutical related products, etc. Pretty easy to guess, as there are lot of images projecting the category.

I have not posted this thread for getting visitor. You have not understood my query. I am asking, Bouclier manufacture medical garment, scrubs, hurse uniform. This theme might be submitted in garment category and health. Which will the better category for this theme.

I’d say “garment”, as that’s really what is seems to be about.

What kind of submissions are you referring to?
Here’s my suggestions:

For Directory Submission: Category:Shopping - Sub Category: Clothing
Category: Health - Sub Category: Pharmacy, Nursing or Professional Supplies and Services

Article Submission: Category:Shopping and Product Review sub category: Clothing

As long as its related to your niche its okay. Garment and Health Categories are perfect for your site. Hope that helps.

Health and Medical Category is Suitable

Thanks to all for help