How to deal with someone stealing food

I live in the university dormitory. In the beginning of term I left a cake in the fridge and the next day I discovered it had been stolen. Recently, the thieving has intensified. Only last week someone stole my food three times. Some other students have had it even worse. Pizza, fruits, desserts, yoghurt and eggs have vanished from our fridge. What’s more, a cettle and a frying pan have also been stolen from the kitchen. Some senior students said it was the same thing a year ago, and they had no idea whether it was someone from the school or an outsider. This gets everyone annoyed to the max and the atmosphere between students is tense. Can anyone suggest anything that could be done?

Don’t share a refrigerator. Put a mini fridge in your own dorm.

Or put a webcam in the kitchen and watch.

I had a good lol at your post, I still can’t work out if you’re serious. However, cake stealing is a serious matter that concerns us all.

bake another cake, and this time put plenty of laxatives in the recipe

I agree with this idea, that is how you will be able to know who that man was. Because to purchase a new refrigerator is a costly approach.

r937 :tup:
Oh, and post missing ad saying:
Lost project - synthesis of cake-frosting from cow dung.

We had this problem about two years ago. We decided that we’d find a very cheap camera and take it apart to shrink the size. Then we modded it a bit to make it very small and able to fit in a custom place. My friend who knows how to wire things very well then got it to where we could stream the video live to a computer. This worked very well because the camera was low end that the stream had no problems running.

The next part we don’t recommend. We have a guy who is an expert with substances. He is an older guy going back to school to finish his degree (his masters) that he wanted a long time ago, but couldn’t afford back when he was younger.

We came up with an idea to put tranquilizers in buffalo wings from a place called Buffalo Wild Wings. He knew that this could be very dangerous if done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, so we had the guy who was an expert on the subject handle it. He put in very low amounts of the substance (not sure the real name). This wouldn’t have someone fall asleep, but it would cause confusion and slurred speech we would later find out.

To help keep ourselves from getting into too much trouble since most people wouldn’t eat tranquilized food we decided to put “birds” on it, so it would appear we were doing a project. It was in huge black permanent marker. You’d have to had been an idiot to miss it.

We waited roughly 6 or 7 hours. It was 3:30PM and he finally took the bait. He only ate half of the wings, but man did he have some problems. We finally caught up to him to confront him and we couldn’t stop laughing at how hard it was for him to explain himself. It was worth it that he stole the wings. He wasn’t really mad and he should of known something was up when the package said “birds” on it.

After this story went around campus NO ONE was stealing anything from fridges for a while. Especially ones marked “birds”.

Someone got so pissed at people stealing food that he welded a piece of metal onto the fridge. He welded the bottom and top together then just the bottom piece to the fridge, so no matter what you couldn’t open either door. We never knew how he got away with this (who ever did it), but we suspected it was a teacher or staff member.

The strange part is the camera in the lounge. It can see the fridge easily, so reviewing the tapes would easily tell who did it. One of the tapes was missing, so no one could ever figure it out. That’s why we suspected the inside job. I guess a student could of done it. We didn’t feel they had though.

prepare the recipe if you have plan