How to deal with foreign countries

On my registration page, I have fields for city, state, zip code and country. Most of my registered users are from the USA or Canada. Over the years, however, I’ve started to get a lot of foreigners who register. The problem is that some of these people live in places where the city, state and country are all the same.

How do some of guys deal with this? Do you have a drop down menu that first asks for their country and, based on what they choose, have another drop down menu for state or city?

I would appreciate any and all suggestions.


The easiest way to deal with it is to just have several address lines and not worry about validating any of them, so that people can fill in the address in whatever format they need. You could put suggestions in the label, such as
Address line 2 (eg town) Address line 3 (eg state)
if you felt that people would really struggle to fill it in properly without prompts.

But … if this is on the registration page … do you actually need their physical address? If not, why are you asking for it?

I don’t need their physical street address, but I do need city, state, zip/postal code, country because my website allows the members to search for other members.

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